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On-Line Auction for Buyers - Registration How-to Video
Written Summary of  Registration Process
1. Visit Bid.VirtualAuction.com - Go to the Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair Auction and then click Enter Auction.  You cannot use Internet Explorer on this site as it is no longer supported by Microsoft.  Navigate to Start Here and click Login and then click Register. 
2. Create a username and Password. Be sure to record the username and password as this will be your Bid Number for the Auction.  You MUST have your UserName and password the day of the Auction to login and Bid.
3. Enter all the remaining information on the form.  If you are representing a Company and want the Company Name announced, you MUST enter the Company Name otherwise the First and Last name will be announced.
4. A valid Cell phone number is required. The Cell phone number entered must be available to the bidder the day of the Auction to receive text notifications once you have purchased a Lot to determine the destination of the animal.   Please provide a secondary phone number.
5.  Enter your address and if it is the same as your billing information, leave the Shipping Address box checked.  Otherwise, uncheck the Shipping Address and enter your Billing Address.  Click Next Step.
6.  Terms and Conditions will be presented to you.  Please Approve the Terms and Conditions and then you will receive a Confirmation e-mailYou must respond to the confirmation e-mail in order to verify your account in order to Bid on the Virtual StockShow platform.  Once you have done so, you will be approved to bid the day of the Auction.
7.  On Saturday the day of the Auction at 10:00 AM you can come back to Bid.VirtualAuction.com and Login and enter into the Auction where the Auction Lots will be presented and the Live Auction will start (promptly at 10:00 AM).
8. Print any forms that you may need during or after the auction ahead of time.   Add-on and Barn Sale Instructions.
Add-On Sale Form...
Barn Sale Form
9. Print or have an electronic copy of the Auction Information readily available prior to the start of the On-Line Auction:
2021 Auction Information - coming soon
10. Print or have an electronic copy of the Sale Order Catalog (available 5 PM Friday 5/14/2021) readily available prior to the start of the On-Line Auction.
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